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  • Creating Configurable Products in Magento

    When you add products to you Magento Store, you are be given the option of creating a Simple Product , Grouped Product, Configurable Product, Virtual Product, Bundle Product or Downloadable Product. A simple product has no variables and is only sold in one type. A Configurable Product has variants like color, size etc.

    A configurable product could be anything which has a variation a user can choose on the front end — for example a T-shirt which comes in several different sizes and colours. Magento treats a configurable product as a collection of simple products: each variation has its own SKU and inventory listing.

    Creating a Configurable Product

    There are a few steps how to create  a configurable:

    • Adding attributes. These will be configurable by the user – for our example they will be size and colour.
    • Adding these attributes to the attribute set — for our example, we’ll call it clothing.
    • Creating a new configurable product, and add the clothing attribute set.
    • Creating an individual simple product for each variant of the configurable product.

    1.  Create the attributes

    In the Magento Admin Area go to Catalog->Attributes->Manage attributes and click on Add New Attribute. You will end up in the screen below.

    You will have to put in the following values:

    • Attribute Code: color, size etc.
    • Scope: Global
    • Catalog Input Type for Store Owner - Dropdown
    • Unique Value: No
    • Values Required: No
    • Input Validation for Store Owner: None
    • Apply To: All Product Types.
    • Use To Create Configurable Product: Yes (this option only appears is Input type is set correctly to dropdown)

    Next, in the left hand menu, select Manage Label/Options to begin choosing the different values for the attributes. For instance for the color label it could look like this:


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