Easy Configurable Product Matrix PRO

Pro Version with unlimited number of attributes! The most flexible extension for creating and managing configurable products in a convenient matrix form. Stop wasting time on manually creating all simple products one by one and then assign them to a configurable product. Easy Configurable Products Matrix will save you a lot of time and effort. Create Simple Products on the fly and manage stock, prices etc. in one screen!

We have developed this extension to overcome the limitations of Magento® when creating configurable products. This extensions is especially usefull for store owners that sell, clothing, shoes, IT Products etc.


Let's say you will have to create T-Shirts in 5 different colors, 5 sizes and also with 5 kind of prints on it, this means that you will have to create 1 configurable product and 125 product variants. The creation of all those Simple Products takes up a lot of time and once created you do not have a clear view of your stock. Why not let our extension do this automatically for you in a clear product matrix.


Easy Configurable Product Matrix extension for Magento® makes creation and management of Magento® configurable products much simpler. The extension enables the administrator to create and edit configurable products with multiple attributes in a clear matrix form, where administrator can specify the configuration for each simple associated product. Our extension lets you define the matrix that is best suited for your webshop.

Here some highlights that will make you realize that this is a must have extension:


  • The easy and intuitive matrix interface let's you create configurable products on the fly!
  • Easily works for configurable products with unlimited number of attributes
  • Automatically creates a matrix where the admin can specify for the simple associated product's: name, SKU, price, weight, availability, quantity, visibility etc.
  • Simple Image Upload.
  • Maximum 2 Images Upload
  • NEW!!! Add the attributes you want to the matrix by preselecting them.
  • NEW!!! If you use a lot of attribute values the matrix can become very big. We have added as of version an Attribute Preselection Screen. Here you can choose which products should show up in the matrix and keep the matrix clear and better managable!
  • You can manage your inventory right from within the product matrix
  • You can specifiy as many options for the attributes you want.
  • Complete with a user manual and free lifetime support!
  • Free upgrades within same branch!
  • Support Team speaks multiple languages, English, Dutch, German, Spanish.
  • ..........and much more!


Do you like a demo of our products, feel free to contact us and we will provide you with a demo-link.

More Information
Added Specials Price Option and Fixed Required Options Issue
Fixed Preselection Issue
Fixed Magento 1.9.2 Compatibility Issues
Fixed some minor issues
Added Preselection Non-Default Attributest
Small Bug Fixes
Added Preselection Screen.
Magento 1.9 Compatibility Issue
Minor Bug Fixes
Image upload options have been changed. Ability to add Multiple Images is added
Initial Release

Market Place Approved No
Brand Best4Mage
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