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Extensions that will make your store work for you! You can all find them at Best4Mage. Your customers will love it! We offer high quality paid and free extensions with your customers in mind. We specialize in plugins for configurable or bundle products. New is our Magento 2 Configurable Products use Simple Details or in short CPSD. The successor to our popular CPSP. Check out our Magento 2 Configurable Products Order Grid or our Magento 2 Mix & Match Fashion & More. Best4Mage offers free lifetime updates and support on all our plugins.

Magento extensions that will work for you!

All our extensions have been designed to meet Magento standards and al work greatly together and are compatible with the latest Magento CE versions.

It is finally there our Magento 2 Configurable Products use Simple Details. The successor to our popular CPSP Extension. This great module is packed with some unique features like: switching to details of Simple Products like name, descriptions, sku etc. It also supports URL and Meta switching (good for SEO) and comes with Advanced Tier Pricingg.

Our Frontend Order Matrix Grid is the ideal solution for displaying Configurable Products, a must have for wholesale stores it is available for Magento 1 and Magento 2.

Do you want to show prices based on measurement or volume check out our Dynamic Product Price Calculator for Magento 2. Super easy to setup and use existing formulas or create your own.

Are you the owner of a fashion store and want to sell complete collections to your customers, check out our latest Best4Mage Extension. Mix & Match Fashion & More. A must have extension to boost your sales.

Next to that we have developed a Pick and Mix extension for Magento 2 based on bundle products.


Our besteller (and we believe that it is the best in the Market) is our Configurable Products use Simple Price and Product Details (CPSP).


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Customer Reviews

Simple and quick
I use defer on all my HTML sites so I get why this is helpful. This is a simple and quick extension to use defer for magento sites. For those who don’t know, deferring js loading allows your page content to load first. Google tests page load speed on visible content.
Konstantinos C.
Great support
I do not have enough words to express. Great support, super fast response to any issues I have had!
Gregg D.
Not sure about it's reliability
We have complex configurable products that may generate 700 or more simple related products. Using the extension to update prices we had some strange behaviour (SKU changes) that has made us not sure about the extension reliability. The support team was extra kind helping us to understand the functionalities. But we still are not sure about that the extension is not going to change data again. We will not return the extension and ask for the money back becausethe price is really low; we will keep it and continue testing it very carefuully.
Philippe C.
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