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With Best4Mage Magento 2 Pick & Mix extension you can let your customers fill up their own box. The extension is built around Magento Bundle Products and completely changes look and feel for your customers. Ideal for Gift Shops that sell Chocolates, Wines, GIft Hampers etc.


  • Unique stylish layout
  • 3 different progress bars
  • Fixed or variable price
  • 100% responsive layout
  • Free lifetime upgrades
CE 2.2.x, CE 2.3.x, CE 2.4.x

With this brand new Best4Mage Magento 2 Pick & Mix extension for Magento 2 you can give your customers complete freedom in filling up their own bundle product. Special attention has been given to the look and feel and ease of use.

This extension is suited for all sort of webshops like Gift Shops, Chocolate Shops, Flower Shops, Magazine Shops, Wine Shops, Ink Cartridge Shops etc.

And example of the usage

For you customers this is a great advantage. Let's illustrate it with an example:

Customer is chocolate lover and wants to buy a box of chocolates with his favorite dark chocolate. With a normal bundle he doesn't have freedom to choose the chocolates he wants. Here is how it goes with our extension:

Customers first chooses size of Chocolate Box and is then taken to the page with all different kind of chocolates he can put in his box. It doesn't matter if he picks all different chocolates or just 1 type. The extension calculates when the box is full and if that is the case he can also upgrade his box to add more chocolates.

As mentioned before this Mix & Match Kitting extension can be used for a lot of businesses. We have created a demo where you can see our extension working here.

You can also have a look at a setup for one of our Dutch clients (an ink cartridge shop) here.

And if you sell a particular product and wonder if this extension is suited for that, just drop us a mail and we will set up a demo for you when possible.


  • Activate globally or on a product level.
  • 100% responsive layout.
  • Set fixed price for bundle or variable price.
  • NEW Quantity Progress Bar with colors or inages of products that are selected.
  • Create as many box sizes if you want.
  • Image switching for different box sizes supported.
  • Change box size during filling.
  • Edit box size or products from within the cart.
  • Ajax Progress Bar above or below products
  • Set colors of backgrounds, borders etc. to make it blend in with your shop colors.
  • Complete with a user manual and free lifetime support!
  • Free upgrades within same branch!
  • Support Team speaks multiple languages, English, Dutch, German, Spanish.

    ..........and much more!
More Information

Version 1.1.6
- New Progressbar Image and Color Features Added
Version 1.1.5
- Loading and translation Issue Fix
Version 1.1.4
- Mulitple products in cart Fix
Version 1.1.3
- Several fixes and features added
Version 1.1.1
- Initial Stable Release

Compatibility CE 2.2.x, CE 2.3.x, CE 2.4.x
Market Place Approved Yes
Brand Best4Mage
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