Mix & Match Fashion

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Best4Mage Mix & Match Fashion allows your customers to for instance match TOPS and BOTTOMS together on 1 page.

It’s easy and fun to integrate various set of lifestyle products like : Tops + Bottoms, Bracelet + Rings, Shirts + Pants + Shoes and so on… Mix & Match Fashion is the ultimate extension for Magento 2 to boost your sales.

  • Unlimited collections
  • Super easy to set up
  • Simple & Configurable products
  • Discount rules
  • Sticky summary bar
CE 2.2.x, CE 2.3.x, CE 2.4.x

This brand new Best4Mage extension is designed to boost your sales. Let your customers buy complete sets of clothes or other items in just a few clicks. Although this extension was devloped with the online fashion stores in mind it is of course also usable for other products. A few other interesting markets are:

  • Furniture stores
  • Food stores
  • Sports gear shops
  • E-Smoking stores
  • Wine shops
  • Holiday season gift shops
  • etc.

Setting up the extension

We have paid special attention to the way you can set things up. Creating collections is super easy and you are up and running within 30 minutes. We have added an option to make your collections appear from the standard category view. Just add a new category and make it point to your collection. Also an option has been added to copy your collections.

Flexible Collections

Mix and Match supports selling simple products but also configurable products as part of a collection. You can allow as many or as few items as you  wish to be available in any given Mix and Match collection.

Pricing and discounts

Mix and Match can have various discount methods. Discount rules can be minimum total quantity or discount can be activated when customer buys at least 1 piece out of each section of the collection. 

Layout and looks

The layout and looks of the extension can be altered to make it blend in with your template. You can change position of the sticky summary bar, change colors of discount messages etc.

Demo collections

We have created a few demo collections to show you how things look on frontend.

Demo 1
In this demo we have done a standard setup with sticky summary bar at the bottom of the page and in the Side by Side layout. Click here to see the demo.

Demo 2 In this demo we have done a standard setup with sticky summary bar at the bottom of the page and in the Middle Aligned layout. Click here to see the demo. 

Demo 3 In this demo we have done a standard setup with sticky summary bar at the left of the page and in the Side by Side layout but now with a discount bar at the top of the collection. Click here to see the demo. 

Do you want to see a specific setup in our demo feel free to ask.


  • Unlimited collections
  • Works with simple and configurable products
  • Configurable products image and attribute switching supported (also in summary bar)
  • Discount rules can be applied
  • Collections can be copied
  • Sticky summary bar can be positioned on left, right, top or bottom and is collapsible.
  • 2 collection layouts are available (side by side or with middle alignment).
  • Discount bar can be visible above collection or in summary bar. Color is adjustable.
  • Free lifetime updates and support
  • Support team speaks multiple languages (Dutch, English, German and Spanish)

If you would like to see more demo's or just have a question about this new extension please drop us a mail at info@best4mage.com

More Information
Version Version 1.0.8
Compatibility CE 2.2.x, CE 2.3.x, CE 2.4.x
Market Place Approved Yes
Brand Best4Mage
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